For Candidates

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A job change always is a delicate issue and especially is when you want to bring in your acquired expertise and want to stay in your current industry. Suddenly there are many questions which did not come to your mind during the past years:


  •  „I know the players in my industry but whom do I also identify with in terms of the company culture?”
  • “Is my salary fitting the market practice? How much remuneration can I realistically expect after the next change?”
  • “How do I get to those exclusive job offers not being publicly advertised without having to send irritating speculative applications?”
  • “Where do I know from if my profile suits the position’s requirements?”

And these are just some of the questions that you may possibly ask yourself in this situation.

But do not worry because we will answer to you all these questions within the application process right before your profile will be forwarded to our clients in agreement with you. Our long-lasting experience in recruitment, our industry specializations as well as our strong and long-lasting client relationships enable us to always be up-to-date about market and client requirements.

During the whole application process with our clients we will consult and assist you. In detail this means that we actively follow up on your application with our clients, we do preparation in advance to interviews with you, we exchange feedbacks and also generally we are able to support your application vis-à-vis your clients so that communication keeps being steady. As recruitment partner we understand our mission as being your partner on arm’s length and to be career consultants – not only in regard to specific searches but in general and on long-term basis. We do not approach you, collect your data and then never contact you again; rather see us as your map through the jungle of professional opportunities!

We maintain long-term contact to placed candidates as well in order to ensure that we create a sustainable win-win-situation that let’s everybody concerned profit from our services.

The advantages of cooperation with us at a glance:


  • A specialized consultant who has the necessary expert knowledge to understand your responsibilities
  • Consultation and support for the development of short-, mid- and long-term career goals
  • Access to a widespread network of companies and opportunities within your industry
  • Access to job offers that are not publicly advertised
  • No time consuming writing one application per job offer
  • Professional support throughout the whole recruitment process
  • Aftercare, evaluation and further support on your career path
  • Maximum confidentiality of data


You are striving fort he next career step? Have a look at our current job offers, send us your speculative application or contact us directly. We will then be happy to discuss with you which options suit your profile and which potential for further development you may have in the eyes of an employer!