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Targeted Recruitment certainly is the most successful way to fill vacancies for professionals, managers and executives. At the outset, we conduct a detailed discussion with our clients in which we mutually elaborate an extensive skill and personality profile for the vacancy. Within this discussion we also conduct a first assessment of the search and can already give first realistic estimations as to the length of the search. Because we are market experts we know our core industries in detail and also know the actual probability of filling a respective vacancy. Should we come to the conclusion that we cannot successfully search on the basis of the skill and personality profile we will be straight-forward about that and tell you. We then either give recommendations on how to lessen the criteria of the profile in order to fill the vacancy realistically, or we reject the assignment for a search. However, should we search for you we will be successful in finding the right talent suitable to the profile and the cultural particularities of your company.  

On the basis of the skill and personality profile we search for the right employee for you on different platforms. Those comprise the personal network of our consultants, all common social media platforms and more than 250 different online job boards. And of course, if you want, we also actively head-hunt employees of you competitors.           

Within the framework of our structured search and selection process we take all necessary steps to successfully asses on your behalf if a candidate has a suitable profile for your vacancy. In doing this, we undertake the complete screening of application documents, any correspondence related to the applications, pro-active search and attraction of candidates, check of oral and written references, the interviewing, interview arrangement, appointment coordination and even salary and contract negotiations.  

Only when we are convinced that a candidate is suitable in regard to his/her expertise, experience and personality, we present this candidate to our client. We attend and assist in the selection process up to the eventual contract conclusion – and above.  


You have further requirements in your recruitment process? Speak to us today and we are eager to develop further conceptions individually meeting your recruitment requirements!