Executive Search and Headhunting

Sometimes one needs to leave the beaten tracks in order to get onto the right path. Executive Search and Headhunting are, without doubt, the most successful way to fill managerial vacancies with skilled candidates. Did your previous recruitment measures not achieve the desired success or do you have a vacancy with a very niche profile? Then Headhunting is the ideal solution for you!

As part of our Headhunting service and additional to our service portfolio in Targeted Recruitment we recruit employee right from your competitors or cooperation partners and present them exclusively only to you. In doing so we proceed delicately and discretely so no one in the industry will gain any knowledge about your search. You just need to lean back at ease and eventually conduct the final interviews.

This service is particularly reasonable for the search for managers or professionals with a very niche profile as well as for clients being strongly cross-linked to other players in the industry.