Hardly any industry, especially in Germany, has a comparably long-standing history as engineering has. Then again hardly any other industry is comparably wide-spread and diversified. Engineers did not just “study engineer” but rather specialize during the selection of their main subject in their studies already. Correspondingly high is the degree of specialization of most of the engineers – and thereby also correspondingly severe the shortage of available candidates on the market.

Nowadays engineering vacancies are hardly ever advertised – even less are engineers found and hired on the basis of a normal job advertisement. Consequently the costs incurred by a job advertisement could easily be saved while searching an engineer. Instead the majority of companies rely on the services of recruitment agencies and headhunters from the very beginning.

And of course we are happy to assist you in your search. Being located in the heart of Frankfurt we are surrounded by companies within the manufacturing and construction industry. Yet we also did not “study engineer” but we talk your language, understand your requirements and have a broad network of engineers of every shade. You are searching for a Development Engineer? A Production Manager? A Project Manager? A Constuction Planner? We have the right solution for your search!