Information Technology

 “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”

That is what Thomas Watson, former chariman of IBM, shall have said in 1943. His prognosis did not prove to be true since in today’s world virtually everybody carries around a computer even within their pockets. And especially business could hardly be imagined without IT anymore. How could a company be successful without data management or email in these days? 

This yields the imperative necessity, even for small and medium sized enterprises, to run an own IT-infastructure – often even in-house, ran by a dedicated IT-department. Information technology is therefore ubiquitous in business. Simultaneously the high demand for IT-specialists inevitably leads to a shortage of available candidates. Especially in highly specialized areas, like e.g. database development, SAP or business intelligence, companies receive not even a single application responding to job advertisements. At the same time, the filling of such vacancies stays a business-critical need.

To fill the gap and to staff your IT-department only with exactly those specialists you need, we have the right network, the required expertise, a structured approach regarding the analysis of your requirements, the qualifications of our candidates and assessment if these are matching, as well as a high degree of process skills.

Therefore our business unit IT consults multi-national groups as well as medium-sized companies and even innovative start-ups, partly even already within the foundation phase. Our offered service portfolio perfectly matches your vacancy’s requirements and delivers optimum results. Talk to us today to define a promising recruitment strategy!